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3M Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive (Alternative to 3M Scotch Universal Adhesive)

by 3M
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Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive Refill

Adper™ Single Bond 2 Adhesive, based on the clinically proven Adper™ Single Bond Adhesive is a total etch, visible-light activated dental bonding agent incorporating 10 percent by weight of 5nm diameter silica filler. As with the original Adper Single Bond Adhesive, Adper Single Bond 2 adhesive is indicated for direct light-cured restorative material as well as for the treatment of cervical sensitivity. Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive may also be used for bonding laboratory fabricated composite or porcelain veneers when used with RelyX™ Veneer Cement and for bonding amalgam and other indirect applications when used with RelyX™ ARC adhesive resin cement.

Package: 1 bottle, 6 gm

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