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BLX-10 Plus Portable X Ray Unit-LK-C29B

UPC Number: 368817431265
1. 5 years warranty for Toshiba ball head
2. Special material--Lead
3. Low radiation
4. Much smaller and lighter
5. Lithium battery
6. Can be used with sensor
7. without Tablet
Technical specification:
a) The rated parameters of x-ray production device
1. Tube voltage: 70kv (fixed)
2.Tube current: 2MA (fixed)
3. High voltage generating circuit: High frequency switch
4. X-ray control method: Microprocessor control
5. Time setting range: 0.1-1.8 seconds
b)  Weight: 2.5kg
c)    Size: 215*140*160 mm
d)    X-ray tubing
1. Type: bipolar fixed x-ray tube
2. X-ray tube Model: DG-073B-DC
3. The size of x-ray tube focal spot: 0.3*0.3mm
4. ANODE heating unit: 8.5Khu
5. Maximum tube voltage: 75Kv
6. Target angle: 21°
7. Total filtration: 1.6mmAL (Origin filtration: 0.8mmAL, Additional filtration: 1mmAL)
X-ray irradiation range: 73mm (roundness)
e) Useage voltage: battery DC16.8V
f) Charger: Input AC100-240V, Output: DC16.8V