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WD85 Dental External Oral Suction Device

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This product is a mobile extra-oral smoke suction machine, which quickly filters spray, aerosol,
bacteria, and other harmful substances during the treatment, by utilizing the high negative
pressure produced by a brushless direct current motor.
The first step is using a washable primary cotton filter and secondary water vapor absorbing
filter to effectively filter out spray, thin blood, scraps, and other large particles during the
The second step is to filter out 99.97% of the smell and aerosol through customized H13 HEPA
highly efficient filter and active carbon filter.
The last step is through the UVC photo oxygen catalytic sterilization module, which sterilizes and
expels it to the outside. Tower-like filters to purify the air. In conclusion, this product can make
the air clean and fresh, improve the cleanliness of the treatment environment, reduce the rate
of viral cross-infection, and thus achieve the goal of fighting infection.
Series WD85
Voltage AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 50Hz
Power 300W
Air volume 300m³/h
Noise <55db(A)
Filtration 0.3um 99%
Length of tube 1.4 Meters
Size L300xW300xH450mm
Weight 18kg
Size of flange 75mm

Description Replacement period Replacing method
1 Washable primary effective filter 7-15 days Pull out
2 Primary filter cotton 7-15 days Pull out
3 Suction filter element 3-6 months Pull out
4 H13 HEРA +Active carbon filter 6-8 months Pull out
5 UVC lamp 8000 hours Remove the cover