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Filtek Z350 XT 4g Syringes Shades Various Shades by 3M ESPE

by 3M
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SKU E2287-1
UPC Number: 368817431029

One Filtek Z350 XT 4g Universal Restorative Syringe
Available Shades : A1B, A2B, A2D, A2E, A3B, A3.5B, B1B, B2B, C1B, D2B
Item Code: 7018A1B/7018A1E/7018A2B/7018A2D/7018A2E/7018A3B/7018A3.5B/7018B1B/7018B2B/7018C1B/7018D2B
A1B Expiry Date: 01/2023 or better
A2B Expiry Date: 06/2023 or better
A2E Expiry Date: 05/2023 or better
A3B Expiry Date: 09/2023 or better
A3.5B Expiry Date: 07/2023 or better
B1B Expiry Date: 04/2023 or better
B2B Expiry Date: 06/2023 or better
C1B Expiry Date: 03/2023 or better
This item is made by 3M ESPE
This item is new and sealed by the manufacturer.
We fully guarantee our products for any unexpected defects.