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Lead Apron for Patient

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The X-ray protective clothing can prevent the dentist from being radiated by the X-ray.
Suitable for medical units, research institutions and the use of X ray place for scattered radiation protection 

Lead equivalent 0.35mmpb

Medical X ray protective clothing products made of natural rubber, Dan powder processed, outsourcing yarn fabric made of. The products used by the textile should be market applicable fabrics, protective materials should be the same as the cover and the bundle of the fabric is soft.

Protective clothing series products outsourcing fabric should be neat appearance, surface should be clean and free of dirt, no burr and thrum, wear should be convenient.

In 1, when using, should avoid contact with sharp metal objects, to prevent the leakage phenomenon across the product line.

In 2, when in use should be placed in a cool dry place, and avoid light, heat, and avoid avoid chemical LV acid, alkali, oil contact.

In 3, storage and transportation process to prevent the sun, rain and subjected to chemical corrosive drugs and other harmful gases erosion.