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LOOK Chromic Gut Sutures - 4 Varieties - 12/Bx by SURGICAL SPECIALTIES

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SKU E2305-1
UPC Number: 368817430831
1 box of LOOK Chromic Gut Absorbable Sutures - 12 per Box
Available Sizes:
525B - C6/3-0 USP/18"  Expiry: 10/2024 or better
557B - C6/5-0 USP/27"  Expiry: 01/2023 or better
558B - C6/4-0 USP/18"  Expiry: 06/2023 or better
559B - C6/4-0 USP/27"  Expiry: 03/2023 or better
560B -  C6/3-0 USP/27"  Expiry: 10/2023 or better
This item is made by  Surgical Specialties
This item is new and sealed by the manufacturer.
We fully guarantee our products for any unexpected defects.