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Medical NON-CONTACT Body Forehead IR Infrared Laser Digital Thermometer

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This product is a professional infrared thermometer for measures the temperature of
the forehead of the human body. It uses an infrared temperature probe to non-contact
measure the heat radiation from the forehead of the body, And display the actual
temperature via the LCD display.

This product is suitable for professional or home use;
The ambient temperature of this product is 16 ° C to 35 ° C. Do not use it in an
environment higher than 50 ° C or lower than 0 ° C ;

Show exact digits 0.1℃(0.1℉)

Storage temperature -20℃ to 55℃

16 ℃ to 35 ℃, the best temperature is 25 ℃

Relative humidity ≤85%RH

Power supply DC 3V (2 AA batteries in series)

Dimensions 159*102*48MM

Weight NET: 0.15kg Gross:0.1kg

Anti-shock type Internal power supply equipment

Clinical repeatability ≤±0.3℃

Software release V1.00.0

body temperature measurement range 32.0-42.9℃

Measuring distance range 5-15cm(2-5.9inch)The best distance is 5cm

Automatic turn off 15s

#This product is Non-waterproof, do not immerse it in water or other liquids;
#Do not expose this product to the sun or near a fire source;
# Do not place the product near charged object to avoid electric shock;
#Please do not place the product near devices with electromagnetic radiation, such as radios or mobile phones.

Make sure that the test distance is within the range of 5 cm to 15 cm
Sweat, hair, hat or scarf on the forehead can affect the accuracy of the
 When cleaning is needed, please gently wipe the surface of the product with